Thank you for your interest in volunteering!  CoastCon 2018 is going to the next level and so is our volunteer program. There are two ways to get involved:  As a Volunteer or as Staff.

CoastCon Volunteer Requirements include:

  1. Volunteers must be 13+
  2. You must completely pre-register as a volunteer using the form below
  3. Work a minimum of 12 hours for the convention
  4. Volunteers must be approved before they are considered such

CoastCon volunteers’ receive a 3 day volunteer membership, discounted staff merchandise, first access to convention swag and an entrance into the Annual CoastCon Volunteer of the Year raffle which includes a one night stay in our host hotel for CoastCon 42.

If you are ready for the commitment to volunteer throughout the year and are interested in taking your participation with CoastCon to the next level, we invite you to check into a CoastCon 41 staff position. Working as staff [a convention department head or assistant position] is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate skills in leadership and teamwork as well as make new friends and direct the direction of CoastCon in a very real, tangible manner.  There is a minimum time commitment requirement during the year which will prepare you for the convention by training and team building with your department while introducing you to your fellow staff members and the time commitment varies by department.

CoastCon Staff Requirements:

  1. You must be 17+
  2. A dedicated and motivated individual with passion for all things Fan and Fandom
  3. A minimum of 12 hours at the convention, and attendance at regular and/or convention department meetings for training/events.

CoastCon staff will receive a 3 day staff membership, discounted staff merchandise, along with other perks and accommodations based on the discretion of the Convention Chair and the Governing Committee.

Any questions or comments about volunteers can be directed to the volunteer coordinator at volunteers@coastcon.org

The reward of this experience is up to you and your creativity. This is your opportunity to shape the success of CoastCon, make a ton of new friends and develop skills useful for personal and professional development for a lifetime.  And did I mention have a great time as well?  So head to the link below, fill out the form and start the journey with CoastCon NOW!!

CoastCon 41 Volunteer Form

CoastCon 41 Volunteer Form

Interested in volunteering to work for CoastCon 41?
Please complete the following form and return it to the volunteer table.
All of the following information gathered for volunteers is for the one time use of CoastCon Inc. and will be kept strictly confidential.