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Faith Hunter is a New York Times and USAToday bestselling author. She writes dark urban fantasy, paranormal urban thrillers, paranormal police procedurals, and science fiction.

Her long-running, bestselling, Skinwalker series features Jane Yellowrock, a hunter of rogue vampires. The Soulwood series features Nell Nicholson Ingram in paranormal crime-solving novels. Her Rogue Mage novels, a dark, post-apocalyptic fantasy series, features Thorn St. Croix, a stone mage in an alternate reality. She has won numerous awards and Curse on The Land won an Audie Award for 2017.

Under the pen name Gwen Hunter, she has written action-adventure, mysteries, thrillers, women’s fiction, a medical thriller series, and even historical religious fiction. As Gwen, she was part of the WH Smith Literary Award for Fresh Talent in 1995 in the UK and won a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award in 2008. Under all her pen names, she has over 40 books in print in 30 countries.

All of that Faith finds terribly boring. In real life, Faith once broke a stove by refusing to turn it on for so long that its parts froze and the unused stove had to be replaced. She collects orchids and animal skulls, rocks, and fossils, loves to sit on the screened back porch in lightning storms, and is a workaholic with a passion for white-water kayaking, and RV travel. She prefers Class III whitewater rivers with no gorge to climb out of and drinks a lot of tea. Some days she’s a lady. Some days she ain’t. 

For more, including a list of her books, see www.faithhunter.net, www.gwenhunter.com  To keep up with her, like her fan page at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/official.faith.hunter 



Rafe White was born to a cool mom and dad who introduced their wee one to Star Trek, Star Wars, and all other things sci-fi.  He grew up (theoretically) in a room full of comic books, D&D modules, and video game consoles (from Atari to Xbox, he’s owned them all). In 2012 his love of everything geek and the desire to meld with like minds lead to the collaborative creation of the Southern Geek Facebook group, which now has over 6,000 members. He first started attending cons at the turn of the century and has been a regular congoer ever since. With the help of friends and family, he hosted the con Southern Geek Fest in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 2016 and 2017; however, Rafe prefers going to cons over hosting them, so look for him on the con floor. He’s the guy table-hopping, sharing the love of his fandoms, and learning about new ones.






Rob Cerio was born at an early age, and has since grown much more hair. As a comedy writer, he denies all rumors of making inappropriate jokes at funerals. He has published four novels, six short stories, and helped author a YouTube web series. He has also won two awards for his writing contributions to his local 48hr Film Festival. He now lives in Metairie, Louisiana with his lovely wife, two adorable step kids, and a small annoying dog named after a large Japanese monster.






Ernest Russell has written for Pro Se Productions, Beyond the Threshold Studios, and the literary journal Violet Windows. His stories and poetry can be found in All That Weird Jazz, The Further Adventures of Ned Land, and When The Shadow Sees The Sun – all published by Pro Se Productions. Monster Mayhem: An Anthology of Monstrous Proportions from Beyond the Threshold Studios.

He was a content and copy editor for “Tales of The Interstellar Bartenders Guild”- winner of the 2019 Pulp Factory Award for Best New Pulp Anthology, and for “Nightveil: Crisis at the Crossroads of Infinity” winner of the 2020 Pulp Factory Award for Best New Pulp Novel.

Some of his favorite things (besides coffee) are science fiction, horror, steampunk, and fantasy books and movies. His writing splits among those genres. As often as possible, you can find him playing board games, table-top, or an RPG.

You can find him at ernest.russell.com, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon.





Jason Fedora got into writing when a grade school teacher asked her students to write an Easter story. While everyone else wrote of fluffy bunnies Jason wrote about an Easter egg hunt that became the battlefield between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Jason wrote the Truth of Betrayal, an epic fantasy, published by Dark Oak Press.







K.D. Wood lives in north Mississippi with her family, a very spoiled White Waug, one old Goblin, and a princess. She creates love stories and smoking southern erotic romance, but not your mama’s happy ever after. A consumer of chocolate, but not spiders, and is completely composed of liquid awesome. When not in her office pounding the keys she can be found under a blanket, cup of coffee close by with her nose in a book. Her available titles are Unwilling, Unloved,  Unboundless (paranormal romance series), and Boys of Fall (contemporary romance) Her catalog of work is available in eBook, print, and audiobook format. Follow her on Twitter at @KDWoodauthor, Instagram at @K.D.Woodauthor, like her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/writerK.D.Wood, get awkward with her on TicTok @kdwoodauthor, or email her at K.D.Woodauthor@gmail.com






Originally from Ohio, Julie always dreamed of a job in science. Either shooting for the stars or delving into the mysteries of volcanoes. But, life never leads where you expect. In 2011, she started writing stories to entertain her sister, deployed with the US Navy. Julie currently lives in Mississippi with her husband and son. She’s a bit of a factotum that’s currently acting as a full-time author and part-time R/C mechanic.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/JulieWetzelAuthor/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/JulieKWetzel
Website – http://www.juliewetzel.com/





Though J L Mulvihill (Jen), is a descendant of Hollywood royalty, she relinquished her crown and rock star days to obsess over her passion for telling stories. An author of young adult fiction and an award-winning screenplay writer and public speaker, Jen dabbles in a variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, medievalpunk, horror, thrillers, and historical fiction. Her recent debut as host for the talk show On The Page with Geeky Side Network TV (GSTV) has got everyone asking, “What will Jen do next?”

To find out the answer to that question check out Jen’s webpage at www.jlmulvihill.com where you can also find her books and short stories. Or just type in jlmulvihill for all social media and you can catch up on Jen’s much ado on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You might just happen upon her sporadic foodie fest Jen Can’t Cook where Jen tests her hand at old-style cooking.

Jen’s y/a series, Steel Roots, is based in the steampunk genre and engages the reader in a train hopping heart-stopping adventure across a dystopian America enclosed within the walls of its own making. Follow young AB’Gale Steel as she travels across America in search of her missing father learning about the world around her as she goes, and The System that has a hold on its people. A story of love, friendship, hope, and the courage to fight back injustice.  

Jen is also the author of a y/a medievalpunk series, The Elsie Lind Chronicles. This epic adventure boasts of demons, dragons, and dark witches. From the strange and dark corners of her mind, Jen has created an extraordinary fantasy world. Weaving Scandinavian folklore into the telling of the adventure of a young girl who is struck with amnesia and finds herself in the middle of an ancient forest in a world filled with mystery and danger.  

Not only is she known for her writing but also her public speaking where Jen encourages other writers to hone their skills. Currently, Jen is working on several writing projects including a science fiction novel, a thriller, a children’s book, toss a couple of cookbooks in there and some poetry, include some movie scripts, and Jen will never get any sleep again. Ahh, but it’s gonna be great!



Bestselling fantasy author of The Godling Chronicles, Dragonvein, Akiri (with co-author Steven Savile), and The Sorcerer’s Song series. His books have sold more than 1,000,000 copies worldwide and his audiobooks are perennially popular. After a fifteen-year-long career in music, he rediscovered his boyhood love of writing. It was soon apparent that this was what he should have been pursuing all along. Currently, he lives in the sleepy southern town of Fairhope, Alabama with his wife and son, who inspire him daily.








Many comic book fans end up wanting to be part of the creative process of making comics. John Holland was no exception. At an early age, back in the prehistoric history of times so ancient that we can’t even measure it, the young lad decided he wanted to be a writer. He tried his hand at the art thing and realized that he had no future in that regard, so if he wanted to be part of making comics his future was going to have to be with the written word.

In those days now lost in the mists of time he teamed up with fledging soon to be superstar artists like Sam Kieth, later of the Maxx fame and Dave Garcia who created a character so cool that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle guys made a toy of it and if you’re lucky you can find a figure of Panda Khan. Such publishers that live in the infamy of comic book history, like Kitchen Sink, Innovation, Malibu, and others, counted themselves lucky to share his words to the world. (Otherwise, they would have had blank pages in their books.)

Nowadays he self publishes the words he writes with even more amazing artists that he somehow talks into working with him. His home now is Die Bold Comics, the cool little self-publishing company with the skull art as a mascot. Ayala Speaker of the Dead, Lizards, A Girl and Her Dog, Robot Sex, Alma, and the list keeps growing and growing. One thing he knows how to do is string enough words together to trick an artist into illustrating it with much more skill than he deserves.

Besides comic books the Die Bold Comics table will have t shirts, key chains, stickers, and whatever new thing I (slipped out of third person there for a second) the writer can come up with.

To help keep the writer writing and publishing come by and buy a comic. Or two. Heck, we won’t even mind if you buy three or more. There’s no way we’re going to make enough money to pay for all this, but at least help us feel like we made a little.



Z-tier author/S-class editor, but generally awesome, J. B. Garner has written over a dozen novels across multiple genres, edited hundreds. Born near Baltimore, MD in 1976, she’s seen and done many things in my life, but her true passion has always been the written word. She writes fantasy, sci-fi, and pro-wrestling epics, among other things, and is always out to entertain and amaze!





Bobby Nash is an award-winning author. He writes novels, comic books, short stories, screenplays, and more. Bobby is a member of the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers and International Thriller Writers. On occasion, he appears in movies and TV shows, usually standing behind your favorite actor. For more information on Bobby Nash and his work, please visit him at www.bobbynash.comwww.ben-books.com, and across social media.




Kate Sgouros, the fabricator behind TunaSpleen Props and Cosplay, is a ten-year veteran of cosplay with multiple awards, convention guest appearances, and panels. She is perhaps best known for making complex suits of armor and elaborate props with foam, 3D printing, and electronics. When not visiting conventions across the Gulf Coast, she lives in Metairie, Louisiana with her husband and two chinchillas.  





A local of Southern Louisiana, Crazy Ace Cosplay is often resourceful and never shops without a coupon!
She started cosplaying in 2012, when she attended her first convention in her hand-sewn cosplay. Her eyes were opened to all that cosplaying offered. She soon continued to pursue and improve on her skillset. She is always creating something and thinking outside the box for new uses for recycled objects in her cosplay accessories, always challenging herself to a new skillset.
Crazy Ace has won multiple awards, is published in magazines, and has judged multiple children’s cosplay competitions.