John Armijo, Regional Guest

He’s stared down the Terminator, in GENISYS. Battled the GI Joe Team in RETALIATION. Fought the Indominous Rex in JURASSIC WORLD. Did hard time in The Tomb, in ESCAPE PLAN. Lost the fight for DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. Attempted to capture Laura, in LOGAN. Shot over a kitten, in KEANU. Lost to Keanu Reeves in a courtroom battle, in THE WHOLE TRUTH.

Despite a losing streak in movies, John Armijo, better known as AMERICAS MOVIE COP, has had a winning streak working in some of his favorite childhood franchises, with many of Hollywoods biggest stars. Entering Hollywood South as a hobby in 2011, the hobby seems to be taking over more and more each year, as more and more opportunities open.

John has been able to apply his intensity, icy stare and presence into various roles that mainly revolve around military, police and thug characters.

In 2018, John took the next step in his film career, by producing a fan film: HOPELESS: A STAR WARS STORY. Calling in favors from years of networking, John was able to recruit over 150 volunteers to produce a 40 minute film. John plans to use the experience to move into original content and produce him own shorts and features.

A California native, John now considers New Orleans his home. A cancer survivor himself, John also mentors cancer patients in all steps of their treatments and recoveries.

John will be appearing at COASTCON 2018 alongside director Michael Anglin, hosting a panel and Q&A session on HOPELESS: A STAR WARS STORY. Also, John and Mike will host on a panel on how to get started in Hollywood South, and how YOU can get involved and make your OWN films!