Derek Dykes, Author Guest

Derek DykesBigger than a breadbox, and somewhat more detailed than a medieval wood cutting, author and artist Derek Dykes has been leading us down dark alleys and making our heart race with fear since 2010. His first novel, MADNESS (Caelmbre Publishing and Arts) puts readers in a suspense-filled dark future, set in Mobile, AL after the Greater Depression. Follow up works, MAYHEM and MURDER, round out his first Trilogy, and are filled with themes of family and ethics, seen through the eyes of a strong female lead, all while dancing around the turmoil of the failing world around her. Derek has other works in progress as well. The Roanoke Zombie Collective (release date pending) contains work from several local and regional authors, with each story uniquely different from the one before. The Reluctant Son, also in progress, is a work of Christian Fiction, and a stark departure from Derek’s previous work.