CoastCon Jr.

CoastCon, Jr. will be held Nov 12, 2016 at the Quality Inn in Biloxi, MS (the host hotel for CoastCon). There will be gaming, video rooms, dealer’s tables, and more! Admission is $10 for the whole day! Come on out and join us as we celebrate the return of a fan-favorite, the return of CoastCon, Jr.!

10 am, Saturday to 2 am, Sunday

A panel schedule is now available in PDF format!

We are sold out of vendor tables for CoastCon, Jr.

The following vendors will be at CoastCon Jr.:
LaBranche Designs, LLC – Art
Machmigo Storenvy – Art
Maxine Pertuit – Art
AddHam2It Artworks – Art
Victoria Wisinski – Art
Gavin Mitchelli – Art
Oma Sew Happy – Clothing, kid stuff
USS Neptune – Collectibles, action figures, RPG books, novels
Amanda Rachels – Art
Polly Anderson – Capes and cloaks
CorsetPunk – Tshirts
Area 504 – Books and other assorted items