Brian Held, Regional Guest

Brian Held Jr. – Cosplayer, gamer, Dragonslayer, and geek extraordinaire! He has been part of the Gulf Coast Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Gaming community for over 20 years having been or is an active member of many organizations such as the 501st Legion, Krewe du Who, Society for Creative Anachronisms, and the Wargames and Fantasy Cosplay Troop. Brian has been an avid gamer for the past 30 years be it role-playing, board, card, or miniature war games he has played his fair share. On the cosplay front Brian makes many of the costumes that he wears and has even done a bit of makeup for Lucasfilm. He also enjoys passing along his costuming knowledge through teaching others to make costumes for themselves, Brian is always happy to share what he knows. On film, Brian has had some opportunities like his Dragonslayer commercial, playing the dad in the 48 film fest production Apocalyptic Problems, as a spokesperson for the 501st on WGNO's News with a Twist, and in Krewe du Who Time fest promo commercials. Lately, Brian has been on film with Tenet Noctis and Hopeless: A Star Wars Story. Brian knows that there is always something new in geekdom to see or do and is eager for his next great adventure!

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Appearances on the net: warcrafts-scarlet- crusade-stalks-dragon-con/ on-Brian-Held-Jr- .aspx Cosplay-from-Doctor-Who.aspx